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SIS Group Overview

Smart Information Systems (SIS) is a premier system integrator company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions across various industries. As the parent company, SIS oversees a diverse portfolio of specialized subsidiaries, each excelling in their respective fields and contributing to our mission of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.We provide top class services and system integration at highest standards of quality. We established a strong reputation for a diverse range of electrical energy services on nationwide covering different types of market segments & clients. SIS provides superior control products and integrated systems which complies with the market’s latest requirements and standards.

Our Subsidiaries


Our medical company, Digicare, is at the forefront of healthcare technology. With a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, Digicare provides advanced medical devices, healthcare solutions, and comprehensive support services to healthcare providers in the region. Our product range includes diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring systems, hygienic solutions, and telemedicine solutions, all designed to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency in medical facilities.


Our contracting company, ASSCO, is renowned for its expertise in construction and infrastructure development. From large-scale projects to specialized contracting services, ASSCO delivers high-quality results that meet the most stringent standards. Our projects span commercial buildings, industrial complexes, and infrastructure developments, showcasing our capability to manage complex projects from conception to completion with precision and professionalism.

Regional Reach - Egypt

Smart Information Systems is not only a leader in the global market but also deeply committed to local engagement and development. Our branch in Egypt exemplifies this commitment, allowing us to better serve our clients in the region and leverage local expertise to enhance our service offerings. This strategic presence enables us to provide tailored solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of the Egyptian market while maintaining the high standards of excellence that define SIS.

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